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Marcona Almond Update

14 Dec

 In Elana Amsterdam’s book, The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook, she recommends using Marcona Almonds.  We cannot currently determine that the almonds are definitely gluten free due to that fact that the nuts are shipped from overseas.

For more information go to:

Marcona Almonds Status Unconfirmed


Bob’s Corn Masa Flour NOT GLUTEN FREE

23 Nov

Despite generated lists that show Bob’s Red Mill as having a corn masa that is gluten-free, this is not currently true as of 11/22/10.  If a product of Bob’s Red Mill is made in the dedicated facility, and tested below 20ppm, then it will state gluten free on the top of the bag and/or will have a gluten free logo toward the bottom of the bag (front label not back). 

Always check your Bob’s Red Mill package before consuming the product.  On some occasions, like last year’s gluten free recall of the creamy buckwheat cereal, the status changed and the label was removed from the package immediately, before the gluten free list was updated.