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Gluten Free in the Year of 2013

26 Jan

In case you haven’t noticed, the term gluten free has become a buzz word this year.  We’ve seen articles pop up in magazines, newspapers and online blogs, while restaurants rush to accomodate for the growing need for gluten free specialty products.

In case you haven’t heard… we have a plethora of fresh bread options this week including :

Julian Bakery’s Paleo Bread (grain free and only 5grams of carbs a slice… and the slices are large)

Silver Hills Organic Warrior Chia or Warrior Chia & Flax Bread (egg free, low # of ingredients)

Rudi’s Organic multigrain, cinnamon raisin or plain bread

Renee’s Egg Free Bread cinnamon raisin or sandwich (ask for the $2 off newletter special & save on FROZEN)

New Grains Sourdough, Sandwich (white or multigrain), cinnamon raisin, english muffins, dinner rolls or hamburger buns

Mariposa Cinnamon Rolls, Baguettes & Pizza

Miglet’s Bakery FROZEN special $8.50 cupcakes & other deals – Fresh delivery next week

Bless Your Heart Bakery 20% off selected crackers + Fresh delivery of almost zero sugar cookies & candies box, sugar free brownies or oh la lava cake & quinoa flat bread crackers

Almond & Coconut Sugar Free Yogurt

Cultured Kitchen cashew cheese, dressings, cultured veggies, raw veggie pattie or sandwich kits, raw truffle chocolates & more

This Weeks Gluten Free News Update:

Individuals with Gluten Allergies, Celiac and Gluten Intolerance need to beware. Many companies that have provide gluten free options for decades are struggling to produce products fast enough.  This combined with 2 serious fiscal downfalls has resulted in shortened staffing, lack of proper machine maintenance and repairs and a lack of proper equipment upgrades.  For this reason many recalls are occuring.

In the past few weeks:

Kinnikinnick missed an egg allergy alert on their packaging (though it is in the ingredient list) and resulted in a voluntary recall.

Applegate Chicken Nuggets were mislabeled.  Gluten filled nuggets were placed in gluten free boxes due to the company trying to cut the production time down between the gluten free and gluten filled nuggets. According to the company new procedures are in place to prevent this from ever happening again. We trust that with their new allergy plan this won’t happen again and have decided to maintain carrying their product lines.

Pamela’s had a recall when fragments of foreign particles landed in specific products.

Be sure to stay up to date on Gluten Free Recalls:

(1) Check Out Recall Information at http://www.glutenfreealert.com

(2) Update Your Customer Profile Information & Use Your Phonenumber When You Make Purchases (this way when a recall happens, you get contacted as soon as possible)

If you didn’t see it on the news this week, college students have been supported in their need for dietary restrictions in a government ruling made this week. Check out NPR’s artice: College Student With Food Allergies Make Legal Gains

Many individuals and companies are jumping on the Gluten Free Bandwagon, but it’s important to remember that not all gluten free products are created equal. Know what you’re looking for and what your dietary needs are before selecting your food choices.
At the Gluten Free Specialty Market we strive to provide you with all of your dietary needs. We even spend time budgeteering to make sure everyone saves on their shopping bill. Be sure to take advantage of our Winter Savings.

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